Hold ’Em Yale (1928)
Production Company: DeMille Pictures Corporation. Producer: Hector Turnbull. Distributor: Pathé Exchange, Inc./Associated First National Pictures. Director: Edward H. Griffith. Writer: George Dromgold, from the play At Yale by Owen Davis. Photography: Arthur C. Miller. Art Direction: Anton Grot. Editor: Harold McLernon. Cast: Rod La Rocque (Jaime Emmanuel Alvarado Montez), Jeanette Loff (Helen Bradbury), Tom Kennedy (detective), Hugh Allan (Oscar), Joseph Cawthorn (Professor Bradbury), Jerry Mandy (valet). Transfer Note: Copied at 24? frames per second from a 35mm print preserved by Sony Pictures Entertainment and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences from source material provided by the New Zealand Film Archive. Running Time: 73 minutes (silent, no music).

Greeted with a mixture of blind appreciation (“What’s the use of being critical when you have had your money’s worth of honest fun out of a picture?”)...

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