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The original movie 1922 image medium

The Original Movie (1922)
Production Co.: Dawley Productions. Director: Tony Sarg. Photographer/Editor: Herbert M. Dawley. Writers/Animators: Tony Sarg and Herbert M. Dawley. Transfer Note: Copied at 22 frames per second from a 35mm print preserved by the Academy Film Archive, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. New Music: Martin Marks. Running Time: 8 minutes.

Featured in Treasures from American Film Archives: Encore Edition.

The Original Movie is a satire about the birth of moviemaking whose shadowgraph style harks back to the origins of cinema in magic-lantern entertainments. “This is the way everyone believes motion pictures were first made,” the cartoon’s first intertitle jokes about Eadweard Muybridge’s pre-cinematic 1870s experiments photographing horses in motion.

Released in April 1922, The Original Movie is an episode in the distinctive animated series Tony Sarg’s Almanac (1921–23). Born in Guatemala in 1880 of German and British parents, Tony Sarg became America’...

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