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Defying Destiny (1923)
Production Company: The Rellimeo Film Syndicate. Producer: Orlando E. Miller. Distributor: Selznick Distributing Corporation. Director: Louis William Chaudet. Writer: Grace Sanderson Michie. Photography: Lenwood Abbot. Cast: Monte Blue (Jack Fenton), Irene Rich (Beth Alden), Russell Simpson (Henry Wilkins), Tully Marshall (Dr. Gregory), Jackie Saunders (Mrs. Harris), Z. Wall Covington (Samuel Harris), James Gordon (John Alden), Frona Hale (Mrs. Alden), Grace Goodall (Laura Ames), Mona Sherwood (Young Beth), and Louis Turner (Young Jack). Transfer Note: Copied at 18 frames per second from a 35mm print preserved by George Eastman House from source material provided by the New Zealand Film Archive. Running Time: 79 minutes.

Defying Destiny is the only surviving production from the Rellimeo Film Syndicate. Missing an “e” in the film’s credits, “Rellimeo” is the backwards spelling of the surname and initials of its president, Dr....

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