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His mother s thanksgiving 1910 image medium

His Mother’s Thanksgiving (1910)
Production Company: Edison Mfg. Co. Transfer Note: Copied at 17 frames per second from a 35mm nitrate print preserved by The Museum of Modern Art from source material provided by the New Zealand Film Archive. Running Time: 15 minutes (silent, no music).

This holiday-themed melodrama released by Edison Studios in 1910 concerns Robert, a young man who leaves his mother’s home in New England to forge a career in the big city. When he achieves “fame and fortune” six years later, his proud mother can’t wait to welcome him home for Thanksgiving. Robert, however, intends to stay in the city to enjoy a holiday feast with his society friends and beautiful fiancée. When Mom decides to pay a surprise visit on Thanksgiving Day, she is saddened to find that her son is so ashamed of her that he relegates her to an upstairs room, out of sight and out of mind. As Mom tearfully prepares to retreat home, Robert’s compassionate fiancée discovers her plight and takes...

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