Exhibition Reel of Two Color Film (ca. 1929)

An experimental color short in Brewster Color, preserved by George Eastman House and presented on the More Treasures DVD set.

www.filmpreservation.org is Live

San Francisco, CA (January 25, 1999)—SF Interactive, the San Francisco-based digital marketing agency, has launched a new web site for the National Film Preservation Foundation (NFPF). Created by the U.S. Congress, the NFPF is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to preserving America's film heritage.

"Our web site needed to show how film documents our history and culture, and why film preservation is essential to saving this heritage. SF Interactive's dynamic redesign drives home this message," explains Annette Melville, director of the NFPF.

The NFPF focuses on "orphan films" which refer to works without commercial owners who are able to ensure their preservation. Central to the redesign was the decision to use images from orphan films throughout the site to more vividly tell the story of film preservation. The site offers pop-up clips of select orphan films—a silent feature, early animation, newsreel footage, and an amateur film—that illustrate the breadth of American filmmaking in the 20th century. The regularly updated "Orphan of the Month" section showcases a case study on a new orphan film preserved through the NFPF. Other new features include a directory of nonprofit and public film archives around the country, as well as a "plain-English" essay on why film decays.

"We felt it was important to provide a web presence for the NFPF that reflected the quality and importance of their preservation efforts," explained Michael Smethurst, director of production at SF Interactive.

The NFPF (www.filmpreservation.org) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving America's film heritage. The NFPF's priority is "orphan films" that are not protected by commercial interests. Created by the United States Congress, the NFPF is the charitable affiliate of the National Film Preservation Board of the Library of Congress.

SF Interactive is well known for its creative work and has recently been recognized with several major awards including a Standard of Excellence Award from the Web Marketing Association (WMA) for work on the Blue Marlin site. SFI has also been awarded the Best Beverage Site WebAward from the WMA for its work on the Torani Original Italian Syrup web site. Other pro bono clients include Doctors Without Borders, and The Kaiser Family Foundation.

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