Unseen forces 1920 image medium

Unseen Forces (1920)
Production Company: Mayflower Photoplay Corp. Distributor: Associated First National Pictures, Inc. Producer/Director: Sidney A. Franklin. Writer: Bennett Cohen, based on the novel Athalie (1915) by Robert W. Chambers; intertitles by E.B. Hesser. Photographer: David Abel. Cast: Sylvia Breamer (Miriam Holt), Rosemary Theby (Winifred), Conrad Nagel (Clyde Brunton), Robert Cain (Arnold Crane), Sam de Grasse (Captain Stanley), Edward Martindel (George Brunton), Harry Garrity (Peter Holt), James O. Barrows (Joe Simmons), Aggie Herring (Mrs. Leslie), Andrew Arbuckle (Mr. Leslie), and Albert Cody (Henry Leslie). Transfer Note: Copied at 18 frames per second from a 35mm print preserved by the Library of Congress from source material provided by the New Zealand Film Archive. Running Time: 66 minutes (silent, no music).

Trade publications like Exhibitor’s Herald had little doubt about the appeal of the Spiritualist-themed Unseen Forces:...

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