Hunting Wild Geese for Market (1914)
Production Company: Salisbury Wild Life Pictures. Transfer Note: Copied at 18 frames per second from a 35mm nitrate print preserved by the Academy Film Archive from source material provided by the New Zealand Film Archive. Running Time: 11 minutes (silent, no music, incomplete?).

By the 1910s forward-thinking reformers were turning to movies to make their case for pasteurizing milk, fighting tuberculosis, building playgrounds, banning child labor, and a host of other reforms on the public agenda. Given how few of these message-driven works remain available today, it is difficult to pinpoint when conservationists first experimented with the medium. But it’s safe to say that of the wildlife protection films that still survive, Hunting Wild Geese for Market is among the earliest.

Produced by Salisbury Wild Life Pictures, the film is a visual argument for legislation to stop the mass killing of waterfowl in the...

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