Exhibition Reel of Two Color Film (ca. 1929)

An experimental color short in Brewster Color, preserved by George Eastman House and presented on the More Treasures DVD set.

Pledge $500,000 to Save Orphan Films

Contact: Suzanne Lee, NFPF, 415-392-7291

San Francisco, CA (July 15, 1998)—Fifteen film laboratories and post-production houses have pledged nearly $500,000 to the National Film Preservation Foundation over the next five years to help the nation's film archives preserve historically important films that are not protected by commercial interests.

The contributions range from multi-year cash grants from the largest laboratories like Technicolor Film Services and Deluxe Laboratories to pledges of preservation services by smaller "boutique" operations. The preservation services will be awarded to nonprofit archives through a special grant program to be announced by the NFPF this week.

"Everyone is pitching in to help," said NFPF Chair Roger Mayer of Turner Entertainment. "It is highly gratifying that these leaders in the technology of film preservation and restoration are willing to support the nonprofit film archives and the efforts of our Foundation."

Donating funds and services are Technicolor Film Services, Deluxe Laboratories, Consolidated Film Industries, EDS Digital Studios, and Foto-Kem Industries. Contributing services are: Chace Productions, Film Technology, WRS Motion Picture and Video Laboratory, Crest National Laboratory, Pacific Title/Mirage Studio, NT Audio Laboratory, Four Media Company, Cinetech, Colorlab (Maryland), and YCM.

The National Film Preservation Foundation (www.filmpreservation.org) is a new nonprofit organization created by Congress to save America's film heritage. The NFPF's priority is preserving "orphan films"—newsreels, documentaries, ethnic and avant-garde films, and other works made outside the commercial mainstream. The charitable affiliate of the Library of Congress's National Film Preservation Board, the NFPF is eligible for federal matching money for preservation projects in October 1999.

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