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Moonlight Nights (1925)
Production Company: Sherwood MacDonald Productions. Distributor: Rayart Pictures. Director: Sherwood MacDonald. Photographer: John Thompson. Editor: Arthur Hilton. Cast: Joe Moore (Art Gordon), Gloria Joy (Mademoiselle Fifi), Max Asher, Clarence Williams, Barney Williams, Alfred Roveano, the Butterfly Girls. Transfer Note: Copied at 16 frames per second from a 35mm print preserved by the Library of Congress from source material provided by the New Zealand Film Archive. Running Time: 25 minutes (silent, no music).

As Hollywood studios consolidated control of the American film industry in the late teens, independent companies found it harder to get their films onto the big screen, particularly in the most lucrative urban markets. But theaters off the beaten path were still a viable venue for the comedy shorts, serials, and low-end features available at competitive prices from smaller outfits. Such films were circulated domestically through independent...

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