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Soft Shoes (1925)
Production Co.: Hunt Stromberg Productions. Director: Lloyd Ingraham. Story: Harry Carey. Cast: Harry Carey (Pat Halahan), Lillian Rich (Faith O’Day), Paul Weigel (Dummy O’Day), and Francis Ford (Quig Mundy). Transfer Note: Copied at 20 frames per second from a 35mm print preserved by the San Francisco Silent Film Festival from source material provided by the Czech Republic’s National Film Archive. New Music: Donald Sosin. Running Time: 46 minutes.

There’s an easygoing, friendly manner to actor Harry Carey. His smile, the wrinkle around his eyes, to say nothing of that aura of quiet inner strength, reminds one of John Wayne at his best—only Harry Carey was projecting those qualities from the screen when Wayne was still in high school. Carey made seventy-four feature films during the silent era and more than one hundred shorts, with an additional sixty-three roles, mostly character parts, in talkies through 1948. Today only fifteen of his silent features...

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