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Screen Letter Box No. 6 (1919)
Production Company: Screen Letter Box, Inc. Presenter: Morris A. Kashin. Producer: Jack Cohn. Distributor: Frank G. Hall. Transfer Note: Copied at 18 frames per second from a 35mm print preserved by the George Eastman Museum. New Music: Michael D. Mortilla. Running Time: 9 minutes.

Screen Letter Box was a short-lived weekly series that was conceived by film exhibitor Morris Kashin and produced by future film mogul Jack Cohn, who would go on to found Columbia Pictures with his younger brother Harry in 1924. An advertisement in The Moving Picture World promised “something entirely new in short subjects… an elaborately produced and cleverly titled screen novelty answering the questions of the theatre patrons about their favorite plays and players, showing them how unusual scenes are made, satisfying their curiosity about every angle of the art….”

Kashin was a pioneer of the nickelodeon era who later managed a circuit of theaters...

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