Bayshore Round-Up (1920)

Film showing the Bayshore Amusement Park in its heyday, preserved by the Maryland Historical Society with NFPF support.

2014 Avant-Garde Masters Grant Winners

A Legend of Parts (1988)
A Legend of Parts (1988) by Julie Murray will be preserved by Bard College with support from the NFPF.

Anthology Film Archives (New York)

  • Globe (1971), Ken Jacobs's 3D view of the streets of Binghamton, New York.

Bard College (New York)

  • FF (1986), Julie Murray’s assemblage of rephotgraphed images from pop culture.
  • Tr’cheot’my P’sy (1988), Julie Murray’s fast-paced feminist collage.
  • A Legend of Parts (1988), parodic history of civilization by Julie Murray, assembled from found footage and 3D postcards.
  • Conscious (1993), Julie Murray’s collage of educational and science films.

New York University (New York)

  • Simonland (1984), Tommy Turner’s absurdist parody of televangelism, made with Richard Kern.
  • Rat Trap (1985), Tommy Turner and Tessa Hughes-Freeland’s examination of the perils of substance abuse.

UCLA Film & Television Archive (California)

  • The Books of Ed Ruscha (ca. 1969), tongue-in-cheek reading of the artist’s books by musician Mason Williams.

Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research (Wisconsin)

  • Butterfly (1967), abstract Vietnam war protest by Shirley Clarke and her daughter Wendy.
  • 24 Frames Per Second (1977), Shirley Clarke’s rapid-fire montage of classic Persian miniatures.