Bayshore Round-Up (1920)

Film showing the Bayshore Amusement Park in its heyday, preserved by the Maryland Historical Society with NFPF support.

Lost and Found: Australia

Through a partnership with the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia begun in 2008, the NFPF helped preserve and make available American silent films that have been unseen in the United States for decades. Sample a selection now viewable again through these projects.

Mutt and Jeff: On Strike (1920)

Preserved by Museum of Modern Art

Pathé News, No. 15? (1922)

Preserved by UCLA Film & Television Archive

The Prospector (1912)

Preserved by Library of Congress

The Sin Woman Trailer (1922?)

Preserved by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

A Trip through Japan with the YWCA (ca. 1919)

Preserved by George Eastman Museum

U.S. Navy of 1915 (1915)

Preserved by Library of Congress