Bayshore Round-Up (1920)

Film showing the Bayshore Amusement Park in its heyday, preserved by the Maryland Historical Society with NFPF support.

EYE Project: Films Slated for Preservation in 2016

  • Alaskan Adventures (1926)
    Alaskan Adventures (1926), a feature-length adventure documentary showing a year-long trip across Alaska.
    Alaskan Adventures (John Morton Allen Productions, 1926), celebrated feature-length adventure documentary showing the year-long trip across Alaska by newspaperman and championship archer Arthur Young and Captain Jack Robertson.
  • Almost a Widow (Universal Nestor, 1916), marital comedy featuring Betty Compson in an early leading role.
  • [American Natural Wonders] (ca. 1923–24), two Yosemite travelogues.
  • [Boston Plant of the American Sugar Refinery Company] (ca. mid-1920s), industrial film illustrating how boxes are filled and packed for distribution at a sugar factory.
  • Bumping into Hollywood (Arrow Film, 1922), a comedy starring Bobby Dunn as a down-on-his-luck man who literally stumbles into the movie business.
  • [The Children's Circus] (ca. 1920), comedy about a group of kids who put on their own circus.
  • [The Converted] (ca. 1916), detective melodrama starring Jean Hersholt.
  • Cupid in Quarantine (Strand, 1918), comedy about a young couple conspiring to stay together by faking smallpox. WATCH FILM
  • Dwellers of the Deep (Kineto Company of America, 1923), tour of the New York Aquarium in Battery Park, the oldest continuously operating aquarium in America.
  • Follow the Leader (Fox, 1928), comedy about a farmboy who makes his work easier with his mechanical inventions and pet animals.
  • For the Defense (Famous Players Lasky, 1922), melodrama starring ZaSu Pitts as a suspected murderess.
  • [Glacier Park] (ca. 1920), a tour of Montana's Glacier National Park.
  • Glimpse of the Remington Factory (ca. 1926), industrial film tracing the steps in bringing to market Remington typewriters, from molten metal to satisfied secretary.
  • Heavyation (Film Booking Offices, 1926), a "Ton of Fun" comedy featuring aerial stunts.
  • The Housing Problem (Bray Production, Inc., 1926), study showing how animals—humans included—adapt their environment to create homes.
  • Jungles of the Amazon (Fox Film Corporation, 1928), expeditionary film showing Dr. Herbert Dickey's 6-month trek through the jungles of Peru, Ecuador, and Brazil.
  • King of the Rails (ca. 1915)
    King of the Rails (ca. 1915), a survey of the history, manufacture, and use of electric trains.
    King of the Rails (General Electric, ca. 1915), survey of the history, manufacture, and use of electric trains.
  • Langston Combined Corrugating and Double Facing Machine (Pathé, ca. 1920), demonstration of the machine that helped modernize the paper packaging industry.
  • Love and Locksmiths (Christie, 1917), comedy starring Jay Belasco and Betty Compson.
  • [Newsreel compilation] (Universal and unidentified producers, ca. 1926), five newsreel stories featuring a baby hotel, cowboys herding buffalo, bears in Yellowstone Park, and more.
  • The Nurse of an Aching Heart (Universal, 1917), stunt comedy about a man who tries to get himself hospitalized so he can be with the nurse he loves.
  • A Prince for a Day (Universal, 1917), costume drama starring 10-year-old Lina Basquette in a dual role.
  • The Reckless Age (Universal, 1924), flapper comedy starring Reginald Denny.
  • Single and Double (Universal, 1921), marital comedy starring Dorothea Wolbert.
  • Taking a Chance (Pathé Exchange, 1924), Celebration of risk-takers who exhibit physical courage to overcome challenges.
  • Tut, Tut King! (1923)
    Tut, Tut King! (1923), a Universal comedy with vaudeville star Neely Edwards.
    Tut, Tut King! (Universal, 1923), comedy starring vaudeville star Neely Edwards.
  • Universal News compilation (Universal, 1925), five newsreel stories featuring PGA winner Waler Hagen, salmon migration, a town criers competition in England, and more.
  • Universal News compilation (Universal, ca. 1926), seven newsreel stories featuring the Davis Cup, Miss American contest, actress Hope Hampton demonstrating the Charleston, and more.
  • [Watersports] (Fox Film Corp., ca. 1926), survey of American recreational boating from model sailboats to competitive racers.