Welcome San Francisco Movie Makers (1960)

Preserved by the San Francisco Media Archive with NFPF support.

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Play/Back: A National Endowment for the Humanities Symposium on Preserving Audiovisual Heritage

On Friday, Sept. 30, archivists, librarians, and scholars will be attending Play/Back, a one day symposium held in Washington D.C. Held by the National Endowment for the Humanities, Play/Back calls attention—through panels, breakout sessions, and keynote addresses—to the preservation of America’s audiovisual heritage of audio, video, and film recordings.

The NFPF’s executive director Jeff Lambert served on the programming committee of this year’s symposium, which includes panels on “Appraising our Audiovisual Heritage”—a consideration of “where the gaps in the audiovisual record may be, whether in terms of underrepresented groups, genres, or media formats”—and “Developing a Framework for Action: How to Ensure the Persistence and Quality of the Audiovisual Record,” which addresses “the successes and setbacks in getting collaborative projects off the ground.” The wrap-up keynote address will be given by Nancy Watrous, Executive Director of the Chicago Film Archives.

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