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12 Movies Join the NFPF's Online Field Guide to Sponsored Films

Promote any product you want with The Your Name Here Story (ca. 1962), sponsored by [your name here].

Today the NFPF adds 12 movies to its Online Field Guide to Sponsored Films, a free digital screening room that presents entries from The Field Guide to Sponsored Films, written by Rick Prelinger and published by the NFPF in 2006.

The screening room hosts a total of 171 sponsored films, commissioned during the 20th century by a host of American organizations: businesses promoting commercial products, charities highlighting their good works, advocacy groups bringing attention to social causes, and state and local governments explaining their programs. Though several of the films circulate online in low-resolution copies made from analog transfers, the new videos on our site are derived from HD scans created by the Library of Congress.

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