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Happy Thanksgiving

His Mother's Thanksgiving (1910)

The NFPF would like to give thanks to all of our friends and supporters. To celebrate the holiday, we hope you will enjoy His Mother's Thanksgiving (1910), a melodrama from the Edison Studios about the importance of being with family at this time of year. A contemporary review from Variety reported that “A young man in one of the theatre boxes wept silently, which was the best testimonial imaginable for this picture.”

Preserved under the direction of The Museum of Modern Art, His Mother's Thanksgiving is one of the 176 films that were returned to the US as part of our successful collaboration with the New Zealand Film Archive.

Before you get ready for feasting, here are a few reminders and announcements:

  • You probably know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which follow on the heels of Thanksgiving. But do you know about Giving Tuesday? Held on December 1, it celebrates charity and philanthropy, rather than shopping. This coming Tuesday please consider making a donation directly to the NFPF, or indirectly by using our Amazon Smile link whenever you do your holiday shopping. Both ways will help support our programs to preserve America’s film heritage.
  • As the year winds down, we hope you’ve had a chance to read our Annual Report to Congress for 2014. Published this past summer, it gives a detailed look at our recent activities.
  • Speaking of activities, the guidelines for our 2016 preservation grants will be posted on Tuesday, December 1. Please check the grants page after that date to see the deadlines.

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