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Celebrating the 2018 NFPF Grant Winners—And 20 Years of Grant-giving!

The National Film Preservation Foundation proudly announces that 35 films have been chosen for preservation through its federally funded grant program. The selection ranges from Street Corner Stories (1977), Warrington Hudlin’s documentary about the vernacular storytelling practices of a New Haven corner store’s African American customers, to Inquiring Nuns (1968), Gordon Quinn’s cinema-verité documentary in which a pair of nuns asks Chicagoans on the street if they are happy with their lives.

Won by a Sweet (1929)
Won by a Sweet (1929), to be preserved by Washington University with support from the NFPF.

The grants will be administered to 24 institutions spread across 16 states. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the NFPF’s annual grant program: Since 1998 the NFPF has provided preservation resources to 296 organizations in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico … Read more

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57 Films To Be Saved Through the NFPF’s 2017 Preservation Grants

The National Film Preservation Foundation is proud to announce the films slated for preservation through its annual federally funded grant program. The grants will allow 36 institutions across 16 states to preserve 57 films from their collections. The selections range from Broken Barriers (1919), the first motion-picture adaptation of the Sholem Aleichem story that inspired Fiddler on the Roof, to Code Blue (1972), a recruitment film aimed at bringing minorities into the medical field made by Henry Hampton’s Blackside Inc., the Emmy-winning producer of Eyes on the Prize.

Broken Barriers (1919)
Broken Barriers (1919).

Also known as Khavah (the title of Aleichem’s story), Broken Barriers was thought lost for decades, until a print was donated to The National Center for Jewish Film by the granddaughter of the producer. “It’s a gem of a discovery and one that greatly contributes to the continuum … Read more

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2017 NFPF Grants Announcement and Deadlines

Attention archivists! The National Film Preservation Foundation has just announced its 2017 federally funded grants, made possible by the Library of Congress Sound Recording and Film Preservation Programs Reauthorization Act of 2016.

The NFPF offers two types of federal cash grants that support the preservation of historically and culturally significant American “orphan” films.

The registration deadline for both is Friday, January 27, 2017.
Completed applications are due Friday, February 24, 2017.

Basic Preservation Grants fund laboratory work to create preservation masters and access copies, and are open to nonprofit and public institutions in the United States that provide public access to their film collections. Awards range from $1,000 to $18,000.

Matching Grants help experienced institutions undertake larger-scale projects; applicants may request cash stipends of between $18,001 and … Read more

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64 Films To Be Saved Through the NFPF’s 2016 Preservation Grants

James Blue on the set of The Olive Trees of Justice (1989).

From The Streets of Greenwood (1963), a documentary about civil rights activists registering African American voters in Mississippi, to James Blue’s The Olive Trees of Justice (1962), a dramatic feature set during the Algerian war for independence, the NFPF is excited to announce the most recent group of films slated for preservation through its federally funded grant program. A grand total of 64 films will be preserved by 39 institutions across 24 states.

Scored by Maurice Jarre and based on a celebrated novel by Jean Pélégri (available in an English translation by Anthony Burgess), The Olive Trees of Justice (1962) was shot entirely in Algeria with nonprofessional actors; it tells the story of a Frenchman born and raised in Algeria, whose loyalties are torn between the two countries that shaped his identity. … Read more

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Happy Thanksgiving

His Mother's Thanksgiving (1910)

The NFPF would like to give thanks to all of our friends and supporters. To celebrate the holiday, we hope you will enjoy His Mother's Thanksgiving (1910), a melodrama from the Edison Studios about the importance of being with family at this time of year. A contemporary review from Variety reported that “A young man in one of the theatre boxes wept silently, which was the best testimonial imaginable for this picture.”

Preserved under the direction of The Museum of Modern Art, His Mother's Thanksgiving is one of the 176 films that were returned to the US as part of our successful collaboration with the New Zealand Film Archive.

Before you get ready for feasting, here are a few reminders and announcements:

  • You probably know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which follow on the heels of Thanksgiving. But do you know about Giving Tuesday? Held on December 1, it celebrates … Read more

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