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Blogging for Cupid

Cullen Landis and Elinor Field in Cupid in Quarantine (1918).

The NFPF is thrilled to announce the 2015 “For the Love of Film”: The Film Preservation Blogathon, an annual fundraising event where bloggers and film lovers around the world show their support for preservation and access. This year’s edition starts today and continues through Sunday. And for the third time, the NFPF has been chosen as the charitable recipient.

In 2010, “For the Love of Film” helped the NFPF preserve three lost gems from the cache of American films found at the New Zealand Film Archive: Sunset Limited (1898), The Sergeant (1910) and The Better Man (1912)—all of which were subsequently included in the Treasures 5: The West DVD set.

In 2012, they raised money for the web premiere of the surviving reels of Alfred Hitchcock’s The White Shadow (1924)—another discovery from the New Zealand Film Archive. Thanks to the generosity of … Read more

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