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The 2016 Association of American Moving Image Archivists Conference

Navajo Rug Weaving (1938-39), filmed by Tad Nichols.

From Nov. 9-12 Pittsburgh will host the annual conference of the Association of American Moving Image Archivists. This gathering, the largest of its kind in the nation, gives archivists a chance to meet, share information, and attend a host of panels, several of which touch upon NFPF projects.

A Nov. 11 panel on “The Eames Film Collection at the Library of Congress,” hosted by the Library’s Amy Gallick and Mike Mashon, will screen The Day of the Dead (1957), an Eames Studio short filmed in Mexico and preserved through NFPF funding. Earlier that day, archivists can also attend “Ongoing Intermediations: Preserving Jud Yalkut and Nam June Paik.” NFPF grants have helped save eight films created by this duo of media artists, along with eight solo films by Yalkut. The majority of the preservations were supervised by … Read more

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Film Preservation Workshop at the ALA Conference

Photo courtesy of the L. Jeffrey Selznick School of Film Preservation.

The Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) is co-sponsoring an all-day workshop on preserving and promoting audiovisual collections this Friday as part of the American Library Association (ALA) Conference in San Francisco. Topics will include film and video preservation, digitization, and how to share your 16mm film collections.

Many past recipients of NFPF support are among the presenters and it is sure to be an informative day for any institution with film in its collection. A number of NFPF staff members will be in attendance and would be happy to discuss our grant programs for those interested in taking the next step toward preserving their film holdings Please say hello if you are able to attend. 

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